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Five Bridal Shots to Complete Your Wedding Day


The pictures that will be taken on your wedding day, will last forever in the memory lane. Every time you will look at those pictures and you will find yourself in awe of the beautiful memories. Even if you want to be remembered for a long period on social media then also you need to look for the best shots. We have brought top five shots that a bride must have. If you are living in Delhi then find the best wedding photographers in Delhi and ensure that you get these five shots captured in a most beautiful way. You can surely make work on different poses for the pre-wedding shoot and other ceremonies, but these five shots are for the special day that you have been waiting for so long.


Let the lens behold the beauty of your lehenga:

For a bride, her lehenga is very close to her heart. It is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day. You must have spent weeks looking for the right style, pattern, colour and so forth. You must have turned thousands of pages of fashion magazines and spend hours online looking for inspiration. Along with the beautiful memories, the lehenga is worth having a place in your album. Let it swaying in the wind and allow your photographer to take the shot of its most natural state.

Beauty of your lehenga

Getting ready for the ceremony:

The girl becomes the bride is one of the most beautiful moments of the day. It has to be the part of your wedding story, whether you put it on Instagram or Facebook. The process of getting ready is mixed with all different emotions excitement, nervousness, and so forth. Capturing such a moment would be the true art of a photographer. Whether there is a professional helping you out or sisters, mother and friends, let the transforming moments freeze forever. It is the must-have shot on your wedding day.

Getting ready for the ceremony

Portrait of the bride:

You have been planning and preparing for this moment and it has arrived. The bride is ready and the moment will be frozen forever. Let the photographer take this shot when you are ready. For the next few hours every eye in the room will be on you, but before that let the camera capture the beauty and glory on your face.

And when you enter:

Every bridal entry is different. Whether you have decided to enter in a unique way or in a most simplistic way, it is the moments when you will be walking along with your loved ones. A bride’s entourage is there to bless her for the new life. These would be your last walk as a single and those emotions on your face would be truly beautiful. This is shot has to be taken perfectly and you should have the best professional photographers in Delhi by your side.

Bride’s Entry


If you have planned the destination wedding then you also should find a good destination wedding photographer, who will be ready to take the best spot to capture the perfect image at the time of Vidaai. This will be the end of the wedding day and not the only the bride, but nearly all the guests will go through that emotional wave. Your family, friends and all will miss you and this moment will be so valuable for you in future.


So these are the five shots that every bride need to look forward to on her wedding day. There is no need to take too much stress about it, all you need to do is to find the best wedding photographer in Delhi and enjoy the day.

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