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How to Find the Best Photographer for Your Wedding


With a large number of photographers claiming to be the best in town, how can you be able to find the right one for you? We have here a few tips that will help you find the best photographer for your wedding.

With today’s technological advancement, anyone can be able to take photos even without high tech digital cameras and professional photography skills. But when it comes to special events like weddings, you can not settle for anything less. You need someone who can capture not only the event itself, but also the emotion, and story behind every photo taken. Something that only skilled, experienced, and professional wedding photographers in Delhi can do.

professional wedding photographers in Delhi

But with a large number of photographers claiming to be the best in town, how can you be able to find the right one for you? We have here a few tips that will help you find the best photographer for your wedding.

Choose a specific style

Wedding photography comes in different styles. And each wedding photographer has his own artistic style, too. Before starting to look for a professional photographer, it is best to first decide on what style would best feel authentic for you and your soon to be spouse.

Do you want something that offers a photojournalistic feel or something more formal or freestyle? Is a classic photography style, documentary-style, or perhaps a lifestyle imagery more suited for you? Once you have settled with one style, it would be easier for you to narrow down your options and find the right professional.

We, however, do not recommend that you stick only with photographers who focus merely on one special style. Choosing a specific style will help you find the right professional but it is still best to hire the one who specializes in at least three different styles so that if ever you need to switch from one style to another, you don’t have to hire another photographer.

Do careful research

Before hiring someone, do careful research first. Don’t just check the artistic style, experience, and professional skill of the wedding photographer, it is also important to consider hir/her personal demeanor, personality, and sensibility. Does the photographer observe proper demeanor? Is he/she punctual, attentive, patient, amicable, and easy to get along with? These simple traits may seem useless but they are critical. You will be working with him/her for a few days (during the pre-wedding photoshoot and the wedding day itself) so it helps to hire someone you are comfortable working with.

Ask your friends or families for a recommendation or perhaps read some reviews online. You can also check his/her blog, website, and social media page.

destination wedding photographer

Schedule an interview

Simply looking at the portfolio or reading the reviews is not enough to tell the caliber of the destination wedding photographer. You can also learn more about the photographer through talking with him/her personally. Once you have already created a shortlist of potential candidates, make some time to meet with each of them personally.

Check the wedding photographer’s portfolio carefully

Don’t just scan the whole thing, also carefully check the details of each image in the portfolio including the crispness and quality, the composition, and lighting. Note the key moments that make the photos uniquely captivating, authentic, and remarkable.

How do you feel when looking at the photos? Does the photographer able to capture special moments (like for instance the time the couples locked their eyes as they say their vows) and showcase the subject’s emotion or the story behind such pose? All these information will tell you how good the destination wedding photographer in Delhi is.

These tips are quite straightforward but unfortunately, they are often neglected. Hope these tips can help you find the right photographer for your wedding.

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