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10 Tips to Make your Destination Wedding a Success


The advantages of destination wedding are many, if you have decided on one, congratulations! It is a fact that you will enjoy it to the maximum.

However, it is also likely that this is the first time you organize an event of this size in a place away from home and it is understandable that during the organization you overlook some of the details that are important.

These are ten tips that you should keep in mind so that nothing happens to you on the long awaited day:

  1. In advance

A few months earlier, send your guests a list that includes transportation schedules, hotel alternatives, the best restaurants, activities and tourist sites, destination wedding photographer price as well as the weather and advice on the type of clothing they will require.

  1. Fresh arrival

Indulge your people with a refreshing drink upon arrival at the hotel. Let them know you have everything under control and expect three days of maximum fun!

  1. Very spoiled

Ask the receptionist to provide you a welcome kit when you check-in. It depends on the destination you choose, but if it is a coast, the package may include a map of the region, itinerary, a pair of sunglasses, a blocker and a mosquito repellent.

  1. First event

After you settle into your room, your guests are likely to want something to eat and drink. Organize a casual meal or cocktail to welcome them.

  1. Midpoint

Although your intention is to live to the maximum with family and friends, you must be cautious and avoid filling every morning, afternoon and evening with events. Respect your free time and organize one or two activities per day.

  1. It’s not for everyone

Some times are more suitable for men and others for women. Arrange a spa day with your friends, cousins, mom, and mother-in-law.

  1. Careful!

No one wants to wear sunburn on their wedding day. Protect yourself with blocker and hat. Preferably wear a strapless swimsuit to avoid marks.

  1. Zero salt

Most weddings outside are on the beach and, usually, people are swollen. Do not run the risk that your dress does not close, or the ring does not enter your finger. Destination wedding photographer in Delhi can help you to maximize the joy without hassle.

  1. Plan B

If for some climatological reason you have to change the site of the event, be sure to be able to let everyone know. You can deliver a card, inside your welcome kit, where you specify the location of the other area in case of any unforeseen.

  1. Pre-honeymoon

There is no need to move elsewhere immediately after the party. Take advantage of your stay and relax a few more days before continuing your great journey.

Hire professional destination wedding photographer to preserve your memories for a lifetime. Hope! It helped you.

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