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Plan the Right Time for a Wedding Photoshoot


Planning your wedding presents bridal couples with some challenges! That a photographer’s Wedding should be there is clear. But when is the best way to do the bridal couple shooting and how much time should you plan for it?

We’ll tell you what options are available and how long it will take to get the finished wedding pictures in your hands.

Shooting before the wedding day

You may already know the so-called Engagement Shooting. The pre-wedding photoshoot package in Delhi takes place in a nice place sometime before the actual wedding.

Future bridal couples can transform the shoot in everyday clothes, however, into a premier bridal couple shooting:

The bride and the bridegroom style them as if the wedding already took place and can be professionally set by the photographer.


The future bride and groom can “practice” for the wedding and pre-produce the bridal couple’s favours without any time pressure and nervous tension. The wedding photographer is allowed to let off steam and is freer in the choice of the location.

Bridal Couple Photos Right Before The Wedding Ceremony

As soon as the guests arrive, everything has to be exactly on schedule and longer waiting times should be avoided. Therefore, some bridal couples book a shoot in front of the religious or wedding ceremony.

Especially when the wedding takes place later in the day, the time before it can be used wonderfully for some beautiful wedding pictures. Then the photo shooting may also take a little longer, and it offers itself to back to leave some air in the schedule.


The bridal couple is perfectly styled and can tick off the time-consuming program point before it starts! Bridal couple photos right before the wedding ceremony.

Couple Shooting After The Wedding Ceremony

Most couples plan their bridal couple is shooting right after the marriage ceremony. While the guests are entertained with cutlets and sparkling wine, the shooting takes place somewhere near the church or the town hall.

Such a classic bridal couple shooting takes from 10 minutes to 3 hours. Depending on how many photos and changing locations are desired.


The emotional wedding ceremony was successfully mastered, and with this feeling, you can throw yourself into the shooting. Now the rings are also where they belong and can be marvelously staged by the wedding photographer. The bride and groom have this moment for themselves “alone.”

Shooting During The Celebration

Bridal couples with some patience and a great lounge can also put their bridal couple shooting on the afternoon. For example, after all, guests have arrived and explored the location. Or before, when the guests are on the way to the party.


Many party locations offer beautiful motifs or backgrounds for great photos. The guests can look at first deal themselves alone.


A lot of time will not stay, and therefore everything has to go fast. Also, the light fades – a race against the sunset!

After Wedding Shooting

Creative wedding photography takes place a few days after the wedding and is gladly made in addition to the stressful bridal couple shooting on the wedding day.


The bride and groom have successfully passed the beautiful, stressful time and can now concentrate fully on the wedding photoshoot.

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