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Top Reasons Why People In India Trust Shri Hari Productions For Professional Portrait Photography


Of all the professional photographers in India, many people choose to Shri Hari Productions. There are many reasons why they pick Shri Hari Productions over the other known brands. Some of these reasons include…

There is undeniably a handful of companies in India that offer business portrait photography. But despite the wide options, many people trust Shri Hari Productions. Here are some reasons why…

Portrait photography

Professional portrait photography that goes beyond limits

Have you experience looking at a particular photograph and feel like there is something missing? Surely, that missing part is the emotion. Yes, no matter how perfect looking, unique, and beautifully captured a photo is, if it lacks the emotion, it is still not enough to capture the hearts of the people looking at it.

Photography is not just about skills and creativity, it also requires passion and emotion. For us, photography and cinematography are not only a profession but a passion. What sets us apart from the rest in the industry is our unparalleled passion towards our craft.

We do not just click the camera and get the best angle, we also put our heart into every photo we take. We always see to it that whenever we click our camera, we are able to radiate the overwhelming passion we have which allows us to capture the moments that will surely remain in your heart forever.

Candid photography and photojournalist style

Every photographer has his own unique techniques and trademark. The Shri Hari Production team is well-known for our unique candid photography approach with a mixture of photojournalist style. This combination allows us to capture moments and emotions and at the same time tell stories.

Candid images

Proper editing

With easy access to cameras and editing software which you can easily use either on desktop or smartphone, you can always edit your snapshots anytime you want. However, editing professional photos requires much time, talent, experience, and expertise. This is why hiring a pro can really make a difference. The Shri Hari Productions team is not only a certified photographer, cinematographer, and film editor, they also have the right editing abilities which add to their value as a pro.

Skills, experience, and professionalism

With the availability of digital cameras and smartphones today, almost everyone can instantly take photographs. But being able to capture good-looking photos and having the latest digital cameras do not automatically make you a skillful, experienced, and professional photographer.

Candid Images

To be able to truly learn the ropes of photography and to deliver a one of a kind creation, you need solid years of experience and education. The founder of Shri Hari Productions, Pankaj Aneja, and his team have not only successfully completed academic courses in photography and cinematography. They also acquired a vast knowledge about the art of professional portrait photography and learned how they can further enhance their craft through reading countless of valuable related books, spending time digging into various resources on Google, and exploring many opportunities. They treat every work they do as an opportunity to learn something new and to hone their skills.

Aneja has been serious about his craft since he was still in his younger years. He started working as a photographer at a very early age. In 2000, he decided to become a full-time professional photographer. In almost two decades, he has worked on various fields including candid photography, cinematography, albums, pre-wedding and wedding films, corporate, fashion, kids and toddlers, interior, industrial, product, documentary, maternity, family, and portrait photography in Delhi, among others.

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