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The Essentials of New Born Baby Photography


Have you ever tried to do a newborn baby photo shoot? Are you thinking about doing it in the not-too-distant future? Did you already do it but did not end up being too happy with the results? Then you are in luck because, in today’s article, we will try to offer some tips to achieve an extraordinary session.

You may already know some tips on how to do a baby photoshoot in Delhi, but, believe me, newborn photography is another world with other points to consider, other rules, other possibilities and other feelings. If the photograph also includes your son, grandson, nephew, or person very close to the child, the session can become a necessary act. A marvel. You will see.

# 1 Decide what kind of photo you want

We are sure that you have seen more than one photo of children making some “cabbage,” on the Internet with hats, and ribbons, inside a basket or on a fluffy carpet that seems to transport us to an idyllic, but the almost unreal world.

And then you find photos of newborns rocked by their parents, in a typical bathing session or kissed by their older brothers in situations much more every day and proper to live, no fiction, right?

# 2 Have Your Team Prepared

Baby photoshoots in Delhi can be as long as you want (unlike slightly older children, babies are usually more patient).

For that reason, you need to have prepared a good arsenal of accessories ready for all kinds of shots.

Here are some of the appropriate categories of accessories

  • Camera, of course.
  • Lighting systems and very bright targets. Preferably fixed focal (35, 50 or 85mm) to take advantage of the possible natural light of the environment.
  • Fabrics of different colours to use as backgrounds of photographs.
  • Tweezers to hold the bottoms.
  • Pillows to help the baby to pose in a comfortable position.
  • Rugs or cots that can be used as a soft base to knock the baby down.
  • Hats, hats or other attire (although this is usually a parent’s thing).
  • Heater or element to be able to maintain a suitable temperature since it is possible to have the baby with fewer clothes than normal.

As you see, in addition to the purely photographic elements, other good numbers of accessories will be convenient to have also prepared to achieve a successful session.

# 3 Involve Parents in Session and Convince them to stand in front of the Camera

Parents are a fundamental part of newborn photoshoots, both to be able to appear in the photos, to reassure the baby, to feed if necessary and even call their attention or suggest shots or situations they would like to include in the session.

If you have the possibility, a few days before the meeting, talk to them to try to comment on the ideas you have about it and also see what they intend in the session. If it is not reasonable to do it earlier, on the same day, before starting it, try to talk to them about it so that you can organize it a bit so that they also know the roadmap of it.

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