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Top 7 Tips for Wedding Photography


There are many challenges to succeed when we are going to photograph a wedding, and it can be a stressful day, even for the most experienced photographers. Here are some tips to make this work easier. Let’s start.

Preparation is The Key

Many things can go wrong in the day, so you need to be well prepared. You must have a backup plan (in case of bad weather), charged batteries, and blank memory cards, think about the routes and the time to get to the places and get a full-day itinerary, so you know what will happen in the next moment. If possible, attend the ceremony rehearsal where a wealth of information is gathered about the best positions to shoot.

Shoot The Small Details

The photograph of the rings, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, table settings, menus, etc. This will give an extra dimension to the final album. It’s good to research a little before the big day, like seeing wedding magazines or similar, to have a little inspiration. Know about wedding photography packages in Delhi to make your grand day memorable.

Use Two Cameras

Pray, borrow or rent an extra camera for the day – using a different lens. Let’s try to take pictures with a wide-angle lens (ideal for natural photos and small spaces and a longer lens (it can be useful to have something as large as 200 Mm if you can get one).

Consider The Funds

One of the challenges of wedding photo shoots is that there are often people who go everywhere – including the bottoms of our shots. Particularly in the formal field, it is a good idea to go out looking for good funds in advance. The ideas that we are going to want are bright areas and cool places, so it does not give direct sunlight since it is unlikely that people are walking in the background.

Group Shots

One thing that is very good to try at a wedding photo shoot is to take a photograph where they are to all who are present, all in one shot. The way this is done is to arrange for a place that we can lift above the world immediately after the ceremony. This could mean getting a ladder, a balcony or even climbing a roof. The beauty of getting up high is that they enter everyone’s faces in the frame and can accommodate a lot of people in a single capture.

The key is to be able to get everyone in the place that we want them to be placed quickly and be prepared to take the shot without having to all stand around for a long time. The perfect way to get everyone to the place is to put the bride and groom there and have a couple of helpers to take everyone in that direction.

The Ceremony

This important part of the wedding day can be technically challenging. There is no second chance, and we have to have good wit. In this type of situation, budget wedding photographers switch from program modes or semi-automatic to manual.


Let’s end the night with a bang! If you’re just getting started in wedding photography, stay the whole night just for the experience. As you progress, be sure to charge extra for a stay until later. Sometimes fireworks can take place very late. The brightness of the fireworks and the time that they last will affect the expositions.

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